My work depicts the intimate personal phenomena reflected in humanity. The imagery is subjective and familiar and intentionally intrusive.  The work is personal, relatable art to be lived with and constantly considered.  I don’t strive for objectivity, ingenuity, or expansive sweeping statements.  Rather, art and artifacts are only as important as people make them, and my interest is in both the variety and monotony of the discretely human experience.

With a glut of mediums, it is essential with painting to expose something exceptional in an image and not simply depict it.  I feel that painting can reveal aspects of an image that other mediums just simply cannot.  Equally, I will not deny that I strive for aesthetic purpose and beauty.  Perhaps not conventional beauty, but a principled attention to craftsmanship and expertise informs the creation of my work.

The arts have been my north star and lode-stone and I love how only the arts can suspend us either within ourselves or outside ourselves.  I grew up in a moderate town in the middle of the Willamette Valley and have a degree in Anthropology because the inherent value in art is endowed by people.  I run a still (shh, don’t tell anyone) and make whiskey, grappa and apple jack and parent two wildling children.

I enjoy art and personal, human contact so please contact me if you are interested in my work.


“Painting is a calling, but I think there’s a question of comradeship. You have found something, discovered something, and you want to say, ‘Hey- look at this,’ to people.  They will share it with you. It’s not simply someone superior who’s conveying words.  –The Vanguard Artist, 1965.-